How to Make a T-Rex Mask

Written by julia salgado
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How to Make a T-Rex Mask
Tyrannosaurus rex was a fearsome predator. (Mark Dadswell/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

Existing in the latter part of the cretaceous period, the Tyrannosaurus rex is among the most well-known of all the prehistoric carnivores. The fearsome appearance of its complete skeleton -- discovered in 1902 -- as well as its name of "tyrant lizard king" have helped to cement the dinosaur's reputation as a truly formidable predator. Thanks to this reputation, the 20-foot-tall lizard makes for an effective Halloween costume, the end result being far scarier than any fictional television or movie character.

Skill level:

Things you need

  • Green hooded top
  • Hot glue gun
  • Superglue
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • White spray paint
  • Green paint
  • Black paint
  • Paint brush
  • 2 split pins

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  1. 1

    Draw a vertical line on your cardboard. This line should be about ¾ of the height of the hood on the hooded top. Draw two more lines, 12 inches in length, at right angles to each end of the first line to make a rectangle. At one end of the rectangle, measure 2 inches down from the top and draw a 5-inch horizontal line inside the rectangle. From the end of this line, measure a 135-degree angle and draw a straight line at this angle back to the top edge of the rectangle. Cut this shape out; this is the basic template for the side of the T-rex's head. Label this part A.

  2. 2

    At the thinner end of the template, draw some jagged teeth onto the bottom side of the cardboard, stopping when you reach the point directly below the 135-degree angle. Each tooth should be approximately an inch long. Cut out these teeth. Draw around the new shape on the cardboard and cut it out. You now have the two sides to the dinosaur's head. Label the second part B.

  3. 3

    Place the two sides of the head inside the hood of the hooded top. Push the two pieces of cardboard to opposite sides of the hood until the top of the hood pulls tight. Measure the width of the top of the hood and then draw a horizontal line on the cardboard, the same length as this width. Measure the distance from the top edge of A to the point where it slopes down. Draw a line of this distance from the end of the horizontal line you just drew, creating an L shape. Complete this shape to make a rectangle.

  4. 4

    Measure the length of the sloping part of A, and use this length to draw another rectangle on the end of the one drawn in Step 3. Continue by adding another 5-inch rectangle to this one, before measuring the height of the narrow end of part A and using this measurement to add a final rectangle. This should leave you with a sequence of four rectangles that run from the back of the T-Rex's head all the way to his teeth. This is the top and front of his head.

  5. 5

    At the end of the last rectangle from Step 4, cut the same 1-inch teeth that were cut into parts A and B. Above the teeth, draw two flaps on each side of the rectangle. Do the same on the remaining three rectangles and then cut the whole shape out.

  6. 6

    Fold down the flaps and glue them to the inside of part A, ensuring that the two pieces of cardboard are flush together. Once the glue has dried, do the same with part B. Spray the cardboard with a basecoat of white, and then cover the teeth with masking tape. Paint the rest of the cardboard in green.

  7. 7

    Paint on details such as eyes and nostrils using the black paint. Remove the masking tape. Fold the cardboard into an 'n' shape and insert it into the hood, using the hot glue gun to cement it into place.

  8. 8

    Cut a narrow strip of cardboard approximately 10 inches by 2 inches. Draw the same 1-inch teeth from steps 2 and 5 and then repeat the painting from Step 6. Attach the ends to parts A and B, respectively, by pushing a split pin through each piece of cardboard where the jaw joint would go. Open the pin out inside the mask to allow the jaw to move freely.

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