How to Apply for a Hungarian Passport

Updated April 17, 2017

The only way to get a Hungarian passport is to prove you are a Hungarian citizen. The passport acts as a legal proof of citizenship. Obtaining the passport is relatively easy, it just takes time to validate the application. You will need to visit the Central Document Office in Budapest, Hungary, to have a biometric scan and acquire the application form. The application process is time-consuming, but relatively straightforward.

Call or e-mail the Central Document Office to set up an appointment to apply for a passport (+36 1 412 6475) or e-mail:

Acquire an application form from the Central Document Office and fill it out.

Submit the completed application form along with your Hungarian citizenship identification card and two passport-approved photographs to the Central Document Office at the appointed date.

Pay the application fees and the representative will scan your fingerprints for the biometric data included on the passport.

Return to the Central Document Office when the passport is ready or provide a self-addressed stamped envelope if you prefer to receive it by mail.

Visit a Hungarian Embassy if your passport has been lost or stolen. Fill out the application for a temporary passport at the Embassy where your Hungarian citizenship is verifiable.


As of 2009, all persons applying for a Hungarian passport older than 12 are required to do so in person at the Central Document Office, where a fingerprint scan will take place for biometric data. A temporary passport allows you to enter Hungary only once and expires within six months. A full list of all international Hungarian embassies is available through any Internet search.


A birth certificate does not qualify as proof of citizenship when applying for a Hungarian passport.

Things You'll Need

  • Hungarian citizenship identification card
  • 2 passport photos
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