How to Change a Name on an EasyJet Flight

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Travellers who have purchased a ticket for travel with easyJet are permitted to change the name on the ticket. Any name change can be made upon payment of a fee and other applicable charges. The most convenient and affordable way to change a name on an easyJet ticket is through the airline's website. Name changes can also be made by phone or in person at the airport.

Logon to easyJet's website using your login details and your booking reference. You can change the name on your ticket on the airline's website up to two hours before your flight's departure time.

Enter the new name of the traveller who will be using your ticket. You must provide the revised first and last name of the traveller and review any applicable fees and charges prior to finalising the name change.

Pay the Name Change Fee. This fee is applied to each passenger and each journey. If your ticket includes more than one journey (for example, you have a return ticket or a multi-leg ticket), the name change must be applied to all flight segments on your ticket.

Pay any applicable fare difference. In addition to the Name Change Fee, you may be required to pay any difference between the fare you originally paid and the available fare at the time you make the change in name. You will not receive any refund if the new fare is lower than the original fare you paid.

Obtain your new itinerary. Ensure that you print a copy of the new itinerary with the revised name. You should also print a receipt for the applicable fees as a result of the name change for your records.

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