How to Become a Spiritualist Minister

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Becoming a Spiritualist minister involves a lengthy process that is not like other forms of ministerial ordination. Spiritualist ministers must be appointed by Executive Committee and cannot request to become ministers. In order for recommendation, budding Spiritualist ministers must meet specific criteria.

Spiritualist ministers may be trained mediums, speakers and/or healers, to name a few roles, according to the Spiritualist National Union (SNU) of the United Kingdom.

Complete mandatory education and training and assessment by the SNU National Executive Committee, according to the SNU Bylaws. Spiritualist ministers complete courses including, but not limited to, public speaking, mediumship and spiritual healing.

Complete successfully necessary administration courses. Union Administration Course and Basic Administration courses comprise two of the three mandatory Spiritualist administration courses. Administration courses prepare Spiritualist ministers for church administration duties.

Maintain full membership of an SNU body for 10 years prior to invitation to Spiritualist ministership. Other requirements include serving for no less than three years as a member of an SNU Council or Committee, according to the SNU Bylaws.