How can I transfer my child to another school?

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Transferring your child to a new school can be stressful. Whether the transfer is due to a move or for educational reasons, take the time to appropriately plan for a transfer and evaluate your options in advance to minimise stress. Each state has its own transfer and open enrolment requirements. Some schools may not be accepting transfer students, so be sure to take the time to research options before making a decision to transfer your child to another school.

Research schools you want your child to transfer to. Contact the school to inquire if they are accepting new transfer students. If your child is in elementary school, be sure to take the middle and high schools into consideration as well. To find schools in your area, visit the U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics website.

Set up a meeting with the new school counsellor and principal to discuss your child and any concerns you may have. Take a tour of all the schools within the school district. Inquire about fees and enrolment requirements for the new school.

Fill out the appropriate transfer and enrolment forms required by the new school. Most schools will require a copy of your child's immunisation record. A valid birth certificate and proof of residency may be required as well. Some school districts may require a physical for participation in sports.

Return the enrolment forms and other supporting documents to the new school. Wait to find out if your child's transfer has been approved and discuss the date your child can begin attending the new school if the transfer is happening midyear.

Inform your child's current school of the transfer. Provide them with a copy of the transfer application and enrolment forms you submitted to the new school.

Advise your child's current school of the last day your child will be attending. Once your child is enrolled in the new school, the new school will contact the old school to request student records and files.

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