How to renew a Bangladeshi passport

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Bangladeshi citizens living in the UK who wish to renew their handwritten passport must apply for a new 48-page passport from the Bangladesh High Commission in London. As of June 2013, the processing time and fee for an urgent passport application was two working days and cost £100, while a normal passport application took five working days and cost £70. Because many countries will not accept non-machine readable passports from late 2015, the Commission is urging citizens to request machine readable passports, meaning the application process is more complicated and requires a visit to the High Commission.

Renewing a handwritten passport

Print out and complete a Bangladeshi passport application form that is available to download online. Alternatively, you can collect the form from the High Commission's consular wing.

Locate a photo booth that takes passport-size colour photos and have your photo taken. Ensure you remove your glasses and any headwear such as hats and scarves.

Visit the High Commission or send your completed application form, two passport-size photos and existing Bangladeshi passport via courier or recorded post. You should contact them in advance to arrange payment via debit or credit card. Alternatively, you may be able to attend a consular surgery but will need to contact the High Commission for further details.

Applying for a machine readable passport

Find your Bangladesh national ID card or 17-digit birth registration certificate. If you do not have one you can apply for one online or from the relevant authority in Bangladesh. Alternatively, you can apply for an interim birth registration certificate from the High Commission when you request your machine readable passport. As of June 2013, there was an additional £3 fee for the certificate.

Phone the High Commission’s consular section on 07971 449914 to arrange an appointment with consular staff. Only applicants with appointments will be seen so it is imperative this is done in advance of your visit to London.

Download, print and fill out a Bangladeshi passport application form online or collect the form from the High Commission's consular wing. You can also complete the form online which requires you to print out the completed application once it has been submitted.

Use a photo booth that takes passport-size colour photos. Ensure you remove your glasses and any headwear such as hats and scarves. Unlike a passport renewal, you only need to attach one photo but this must be attested.

Ask a councillor, GP, teacher or solicitor to attest your photo and then add his or her details to page four of the application form. Half the signature and seal should be on the photo and the rest on the application form.

Attend your appointment at the High Commission where you must complete the biometric enrolment process by making an electronic copy of your signature and having your fingerprints scanned. You will also have your photo taken.

Submit the application form and pay the machine readable passport fee, which was £65 as of June 2013. Make sure you show your existing passport to consular staff. The document will be returned immediately along with a delivery slip.

Contact the High Commission via phone between 40-45 days from the date of your application. The processing time varies between 15-30 days but the passport will be issued in Bangladesh and then sent to the UK via courier for collection in person at the High Commission. You will need your existing Bangladeshi passport and delivery slip to collect the machine readable passport. Check to see if all your new passport's details are correct before you leave the High Commission.

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