How do I get a Barbados national identification card?

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If you are going to be residing or working in Barbados, you may want to obtain identification from that country. A Barbados identification card is available not only to citizens of Barbados, but also to residents who have lived in the country three or more years.

Applications need to be made in person in Bridgetown, Barbados, and the proper documentation must be presented. There are two types of identification cards available, one for those 16 and older, and one for those younger than 16.

Gather your paperwork. At least one of the following must be presented to obtain Barbados identification: a birth certificate, marriage certificate, valid passport endorsed by the chief immigration officer, a registered affidavit, a registered deed poll, decree of absolute citizenship, permanent resident or immigrant documents issued by the Barbados immigration department, a work permit valid for six or more months or a student visa valid for six or more months. If possible, documents should be certified.

Bring a photograph, such as a passport picture, for use on your identification card. Do not wear anything that covers your head, sunglasses or tinted lenses in the picture.

Present your documentation in person. Applications must be made at the Electoral and Boundaries Commission in the N.I.S Building on Fairchild Street in Bridgetown. Identification cards cost £16 as of 2014. You will also need to pay a fee to replace a lost, stolen or damaged identification card.