How to Renew a Ghanaian Passport in the UK

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Renewing your Ghanaian passport in the United Kingdom is not difficult, as you can obtain a new passport from any of the three Ghana Consulate offices. The Ghana Consul offices are in England, Scotland and Ireland. You can either post your renewal passport application or take it in to the Ghana Consulate direct.

It will take two weeks for your new passport to be issued.

Log into the website for the Ghana High Commission Select "The Consular Section" from the menu buttons on the left hand side of the screen. Click on the Ghana Consulate office that you will using and write down the opening hours, as you will need this information when you collect your passport. They are listed below the Ghana Consulate office addresses. Select "Download Passport Form" from the menu on the left hand side of the screen. Select the option for "Renewal Passport Option" on the right hand side of the screen. Submit the requested information and verification, ensuring that all details are entered correctly. Download the Application for a Republic of Ghana Passport form to your computer. Print out the passport application form.

Ghana High Commission 104 Highgate Hill London N6 5HE England +44(0)208-3427-500

The Honorary Consulate-General Republic of Ghana Swalaba 17 Bellevue Road Ayr KA7 2SA Scotland +44(0)-1292-260-466

Ghana Consulate, Dublin Republic of Ghana 74 Haddington Road Dublin 4 +11-353-1667-3849

Complete your passport application in black ink and in capital letters.

Take your passport application form and photographs to your official witness. Your witness will need to complete and stamp section 15 of the passport application. The witness will also need to sign the reverse of one photograph to confirm that it is a true likeness of you.

Attach a registered and stamped self addressed envelope to the application form. Assemble and enclose all documentation as follows into an envelope: your old passport and a photocopy of the old passport, your £100 fee, the completed passport application form, stamped, addressed envelope and the four passport photographs. If you prefer, you may take your passport application form to the Ghana Consulate offices yourself.

Your old passport will be returned to you in the registered envelope that you provided.

Go to the Ghana Consulate office, after two weeks have elapsed, to collect your new passport.