How to Troubleshoot the Canon MX850

Updated February 21, 2017

Canon's Pixma MX850 printer offers a large number of features and functions and nearly supplants the need to own or use a computer. In addition to printing, the MX850 reads photos from memory cards and automatically repairs bad images, supports Bluetooth and Ethernet connections, and, of course, can copy, scan and fax documents. Canon also equipped the machine to alert you about problems and errors, and troubleshooting these issues is just as accommodating.

Replace the ink tank if you see any of the following error codes: "U041," "U163" or "U130." Press the "OK" button to temporarily continue using the printer after getting the U041 error. Press the "Stop/Reset" button to cautiously and sparingly use the printer after getting the U163 and U130 error codes; however, continuing to use the printer in these two states can damage the machine.

Check the memory card that is holding your pictures, if you receive the following error message: "There is no photo data." The format of the photo files might not be compatible with the printer. The file name of the photo might have an awkward format, such as symbols and punctuations. If the photos were initially transferred from the memory card to a computer for editing and then saved back to the memory card, that can make the photo incompatible with the printer.

Power down the printer and unplug its cord from the power source if you get the following error message while in scanning mode: "Scanner is not operating properly." Wait at least five minutes and plug the printer back into the outlet. Turn the printer back on. If these actions do not eliminate the error message, contact Canon for assistance.

Resend faxes using the "Black" button, if you see the following fax transmission error message: "Try again in black & white." This error simply means that the receiving fax machine cannot accept colour faxes.


Contact Canon's technical support department for additional assistance via e-mail or phone. Most modern printers connect and rely on computer connections. Alternatively, use Tools and Utilities in the Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X operating systems to troubleshoot problems with the Canon Pixma MX850 printer.


Use caution when working with electrical appliances and machinery. Where possible, unplug the device before attempting to maintain and troubleshoot its internal and external components.

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