How to Make a Super Saiyan Avatar for the XBox

Updated July 19, 2017

Rare's Xbox 360 Avatars let gamers express their personality and tastes through their Xbox Live profiles. Whether you want to create and dress up your avatar as a ninja, space alien, Halo Spartan or even a golden-haired Super Saiyan, the Avatar Editor feature has a solution for you. Apply a little creativity, and your Avatar will instantly remind friends of the animated "Dragon Ball" series.

Power on your Xbox 360 and select "Customize Avatar" from the "My Xbox" menu.

Enter the "Change My Features" option under the Avatar Editor. Give your Avatar the "Short and Spiky" hairstyle and choose a yellow hair colour for the signature Super Saiyan appearance. Give the Super Saiyan an angry expression with the "Locked Teeth" mouth and "Strong" eyes. Choose the remaining physical characteristics based on what you want the Avatar to look like, as long as it looks strong and menacing.

Select the "Change My Style" menu from the Avatar Editor to put together a costume for the Super Saiyan Avatar. A Super Saiyan doesn't have a set uniform, so choose clothing and props that make the Avatar look like the ultimate warrior. Examples of props that can make your Avatar seem more aggressive are the Training Dummy, Kung fu Kick and Ninja Staff Training items. Look though the Avatar Marketplace for updated attire and props to buy for your Avatar as your tastes change.

Use the "Save and Exit" button when you are finished customising your Super Saiyan to save it for future use.

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