How to Cut a Big Top Cupcake

Updated November 21, 2016

The Big Top Cupcake pan set allows you to create a cake that looks like a giant cupcake. When preparing your cupcake cake, you have the option of using the included filling insert to create a cavity in the centre of your cake. This cavity can be filled with ice cream, frosting, pudding, or whipped topping to add a filling to the centre of your cake. Big Top Cupcakes with filling only require one box of cake mix, while those without filling require two boxes - so this option will change the number of servings in your cake and the best way to cut and serve it.

Point the tip of a large, sharp knife at the top centre of the cake and push it straight down through the cake until the knife meets the cake board or plate that the Big Top Cupcake is resting on.

Slide the knife out of the cake and wipe it clean with a towel.

Hold the tip of the knife at the top centre of the cake again and move the handle of the knife approximately 2 inches away from the first cut you made.

Push the knife through the cake again. This creates a 2-inch wedge of cake.

Continue to cut the cake into 2-inch wedges by repeating steps 2 through 4. This will render approximately 10 slices of cake.

Slide a cake spatula between the top and bottom layers of the Big Top Cupcake and gently lift the top of the cupcake off of the base of the cake, and place it on a separate plate.

Cut the top of the Big Top Cake into six wedge-shaped servings with a sharp knife. Each wedge will measure approximately 3 inches wide along the outer edge.

Wipe the knife clean with a towel.

Cut the base of the cupcake in half twice with a large, sharp knife to quarter the cake.

Clean the knife again with the towel, if necessary.

Cut each quarter of the cake in half again to create eight slices of cake. Each slice will be approximately 2 1/2 inches wide along the outer edge.

Things You'll Need

  • Large, sharp knife
  • Towel
  • Cake spatula
  • Plate
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