How to Braid Synthetic Dreads

Synthetic dreads are a temporary way to cover your hair in dreadlocks. Attaching the dreads is a simple process, but if you want to cover your head completely in dreads, it will take several hours. Patience is the key to perfecting this technique and making it look realistic. You can use synthetic dreads if your hair is short, medium-length or even long. For best results, medium or short hair is ideal.

Section off a 2-inch-thick chunk of hair from the area where you want to install the dread. Use a section of hair near the middle or bottom of your head so you can hide the part of the dread that attaches to your real hair.

Slide a hair elastic onto the section of hair. Shape the elastic into a loop, then pull the elastic through the loop at the top of the synthetic dread. Pull the hair through the loop behind the elastic.

Pull the dread close to the head and hold it in place. Make sure there are no loose hairs tangled up around or through the dread. It should sit cleanly and neatly against the head.

Divide the hair section into two pieces. Braid the hair to the dread, using the two sections of hair and the dread as the three components of the braid. When you reach the end of the hair, finish the braid with a clear hair elastic.


If your hair is not long enough to braid to the dread, you can simply loop your hair three times around the dread, close to your head, then use a hair elastic to secure the dread to your hair.

Things You'll Need

  • Synthetic dreads
  • Comb
  • Large hair elastic with metal attachment piece
  • Clear hair elastics
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