How to Make a Pandora-Style Bracelet

Updated February 21, 2017

The Pandora bracelet is a trademarked name but not an exclusive style. Charm bracelets made from Pandora beads take advantage of the caprice snake-chain bracelet and large-hole beads. Adding a trademarked name to these beads increases their cost from a few dollars to between 25 and 30 dollars for basic, embossed or single-tone beads and more for enamelled and genuine gemstone beads. By purchasing off-brand large-hole beads, you can put together a Pandora-style add-a-bead bracelet for a fraction of the cost.

Purchase a 3mm caprice snake-chain bracelet. Like traditional snake-chain jewellery, the body of the chain is solid and round. However, with a caprice snake chain, the eye end of the lobster clasp mechanism unscrews, allowing the wearer to add beads to the bracelet. The bracelets are available in silver, gold, leather and satin.

Choose a theme for your bracelet. The add-a-bead bracelet substitutes for the traditional hanging charm bracelet. Construct a bracelet consisting of various bead styles in your favourite colour. Create a bracelet to represent your children and their various interests. Use the add-a-bead-style bracelet to commemorate your trip to Paris or Disneyland.

Purchase large-hole beads. Because of the popularity of the Pandora bracelet, many national jewellery companies and online bead stores have begun to produce similar beads. These beads are available in silver, gold or pewter, as well as enamelled beads, gemstones, blown glass and beads in various shape such as angels, flowers, tennis shoes or palm trees.

Purchase clip-on or smart beads that do not slide along the bracelet. These beads allow you to separate sections of your bracelet and leave portions of the chain exposed. In addition, clip-on beads allow you to fix a small grouping of beads in place until you can purchase enough beads to fill your bracelet. These beads are not necessary, especially if you prefer the beads to move freely along the chain.

Add beads to your caprice chain. There are no rules. Put the beads in any order that pleases your eye and best expresses the theme of your bracelet. Lining the beads up on your work surface before stringing them on the chain will allow you to move beads around without taking the whole bracelet apart.

Grasp the eye end of the caprice chain in your right hand and hold the chain near the eye end with your left hand.

Twist the eye end counter-clockwise until the end comes free in your hand. This will reveal the threaded end of the snake chain.

Add large-hole beads onto the threaded end of the snake chain.

Place the eye end of the snake chain over the threads when you have finished arranging all of your beads. Twist the eye end clockwise to tighten and prevent the beads from falling off the chain.

Things You'll Need

  • 3mm caprice snake-chain bracelet
  • Large-hole beads
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