I am going to be talking about using some pictures in your video in Adobe Premiere Pro. First you go to your project file, you press import and then you go to your thumbnails and you look through the files. Let's pick one here. Okay, we are going to get a concert one, now go back, right click, pull it down and there it is. Now the picture is different size than video frame so it is a lot different dimension. So now if we go up here and we go to our fex window and you click down, you just scale down that picture. So you go from a 100 percent down to, we are going to take that one down about 40 percent. Same thing here; go to fex window, click down on your motion and you want to find the scale of that and you can bring the scale. Now if I want this to move, what I am going to do is I am going to mark these on the motion. So now the first one is set exactly as it was. Now I want to pull this one over. I am just going to dragging, dragging and dragging it over. So now I want to do the same thing here. I want to hit the properties. I want to mark them, mark them on each side evenly and then I want to pull them down. So I leave one the same and one more advanced, so here we go and I want to look for a little color fade here. It is very simple. Let's go to video transitions and you keep going down. There is a cross fade. Okay there we go. We kick back and it creates a little motion in that picture. So zooming in and across. Very simple way to incorporate motion things. If you do a lot of documentaries, this is the perfect tool to be wanting to use.