How to Make a Dog Collar Like a Friendship Bracelet

Updated February 21, 2017

Collars are vital tools for training, protecting and controlling your dog, but dog collars don't have to be drab and boring. Friendship bracelet patterns for dog collars can help your dog to stand out. These designs can be made at home and are simple enough for older children to make.

Measure the circumference of your dog's neck and then add three inches to that measurement. If your dog's neck is 17 inches around, add 3 inches to get 20 inches.

Then, double this amount. This will be the length of threads you need to use. In this example, you'd double 20 to get 40 inch threads.

Tie one end of your threads together using a tight double knot.

Separate the threads neatly from one another so that they do not get tangled.

Work from right to left.

Take the rightmost thread and tie it to the thread immediately to its left. To do this, loop the right thread over the left to make a "4." Tuck the tail of the right thread through the four and tighten the knot. After you have done this, you will notice that the thread you started with is now all the way to the left and a new thread has become the rightmost thread.

Repeat step 3 with each subsequent thread, always looping the rightmost thread over the threads to its left. With each thread, you will be creating a new row of coloured knots.

Continue creating knots with each thread until you have knotted the full length of the bracelet.

Tie the end of the friendship bracelet.

After you have completed all rows, bundle the end threads together and tie into a double knot.

Attach the thread friendship bracelet to the plain dog collar.

The simplest way to do this is to simply glue the bottom of the friendship bracelet to the top of the collar and allow to dry. For a more durable, longer-lasting collar, sew the friendship bracelet to the collar. Make several stitches at each end of the bracelet.


If you end up with a friendship bracelet that is too long or too short for your collar, it's easy to make adjustments. Simply cut and then retie a bracelet that is too long. For a bracelet that is too short, make another bracelet and then attach both to the collar.

Things You'll Need

  • Coloured Threads
  • Plain Dog Collar
  • Needle
  • Glue
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