How to Bandage a Wound on a Rabbit's Foot

floppy eared rabbits image by Ken Marshall from

Wounds on a pet rabbit's foot are referred to as sore hocks. "Hocks" on a rabbit are equivalent to the ankles on a human. Sore hocks can be caused from improper cage flooring, rabbit obesity, arthritis, or insufficient fur padding of the feet. Wrapping a rabbit's foot requires two people and patience because the rabbit will need to be turned upside down and rabbits in general are not fond of having their feet off the ground.

Take the rabbit to a veterinarian for an evaluation, especially if the wounds are open. Ask the vet for advice on purchasing antibacterial creams for the rabbit's wounds.

Apply antibiotic cream to the wounds while an assistant holds the rabbit upside down. Make sure to apply the cream in a thick layer. Cover the wound fully.

Lay soft gauze pads over the wound. The cream will help hold the gauze, but complete the following steps quickly to reduce the stress on the nervous rabbit.

Begin behind the rabbit's toes and apply elastic bandaging material. Wrap the material around the foot and over the gauze. Continue wrapping until the material reaches the ankle of the foot. The top of the foot will be completely covered after this step is complete.

Continue the wrapping up the leg a half inch, leaving the ankle bone exposed. The wrapping needs to be flexible so it won't fall off, and leaving an exposed ankle bone will assist the flexibility of the dressing.

Cut the dressing with scissors and attach it to itself with medical tape. Make sure the tape is not attached to the rabbit's hair in any form. The tape will pull the hair and cause more pain for the rabbit.

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