How to Make an Organza Poppy

The bright red and orange blooms of the poppy are a welcome sight in spring. Crisp red organza fabric can stand in for the poppies for a long-lasting flower that can be pinned on a sweater or jacket or gathered in a colourful bouquet. The large and bright petals of the poppy give this faux flower a lot of pizazz. The organza poppy can also be stitched to a headband or a pair of flip-flop sandals to add a burst of colour and style.

Cut the red organza into a rectangle that measures 12 inches by 5 inches, using the ruler and scissors.

Thread the needle with 24 inches of red thread. Hand-stitch 1/2-inch long stitches 1/2 inch from one long edge of the organza rectangle. Pull the thread to gather the fabric, and make small stitches and a knot to secure the gathering.

Cut three narrow rounded triangles of fabric from the outer edge of the gathered fabric to 3/4 inch from the centre to make separate poppy petals.

Cut a rectangle from the yellow organza fabric that measures 1 inch by 6 inches. Pull several strands of thread from one long edge to fray the fabric.

Thread the needle with yellow thread, and hand-stitch small stitches 1/2 inch from the non-fringed long edge. Gather the stitches by pulling, and secure the gathering with a knot.

Place the gathered yellow organza in the centre of the gathered red organza. Place the small yellow button in the centre of the yellow organza.

Sew on the button through the yellow and red organza to complete the organza poppy.

Things You'll Need

  • 1/8 yard red organza fabric
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle, size 9
  • Red thread
  • 1/8 yard yellow organza fabric
  • Yellow thread
  • Small yellow button
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