How to Make Wings Out of Tulle

Updated March 23, 2017

Tulle is a filmy netlike fabric used in decorating, hats, scarfs, tutus and costume wings. The fabric can be made from silk, rayon or nylon and is available in many colours. Tulle's gauzy appearance makes for lightweight, ephemeral wings on fairy and insect costumes. These wings do not require any sewing.

Design the costume with two wings or four.

Cut a two-foot length of wire for each wing.

Select one of the cut wires, bring the ends together and twist them around each other securely. Repeat with the other pieces of wire.

Make the wing shapes by bending the wire rings to form circles or ovals.

Cut two eight-inch lengths of wire.

Connect two of the wings. Place the twisted sections together and wrap with one of the eight-inch pieces. If working with four wings, repeat with the second pair of wings.

Place one pair of wings on top of the other, if working with four wings. Wrap a third eight-inch length of wire around the connection points to join them securely.

Wrap several lengths of tulle around the wire wings to create a gauzy effect. Spread the tulle out to wrap around the wings and scrunch it together to wrap around the connecting wires. Cover all of the wires to prevent them from scratching when worn.

Create two loops with the tulle as you wrap it around the connecting wires. One loop on the right side and one loop on the left side. The wearer will slide their arms through these loops. If possible, try the loops on the wearer before completing the wings.

Cut off the excess length of tulle and tie the two ends together. Trim the ends to hide the knots or leave them long to hang down between the wings.


Use pantyhose as an alternative to tulle for your wings. Adapt several wire coat hangers into wings as an alternative to metal wire.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire snips
  • 14 - 16 gauge wire, minimum 10ft.
  • Measuring tape
  • Tulle fabric, 3 - 5 yd.
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