How to Draw Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Updated July 20, 2017

Ancient Egyptians worshipped many gods, including various animals. Most gods and goddesses, however, were believed to resemble humans. Egyptians made renderings of their gods and goddesses on pottery and walls. Although the drawings look elaborate, it is fairly simple to replicate them for yourself using coloured pencils or crayons. The important thing to keep in mind is that Egyptian gods and goddesses are traditionally drawn with their face in profile and their bodies with a frontal view. From the neck down, they are symmetrical. The directions below apply specifically to Ra, the sun god, but you can use the same directions for any god -- just change the first step to make an appropriate face.

Use your ruler to make a vertical and horizontal line that divide your paper into 4 equal quadrants. Start with Ra's face, which looks like a hawk. Draw an almond shaped eye slightly to the right of the vertical line (centre). Draw a beak facing right to the right of the eye. To make the bird-shaped head, curve the beak around over the eye, forming the crown of the head, and curve again to form the back of the head. That line should end facing down, where the shoulder will begin. Draw another line from the beak with a smaller curve that ends just to the left of centre. Colour the area closest to the eye red and the rest of the face blue.

Draw a circle centred above Ra's head. Colour the circle red. Draw a snake draped over the top of the circle with its head facing right, in the same direction as Ra's face. Colour the snake yellow.

Under Ra's face, draw a human body facing front. The left shoulder should line up with the back of the face. The right shoulder should extend the same length in the other direction. Use the ruler to measure an equal distance for the shoulders. Draw a line directly down from the end of the left shoulder. This will be the outside of the left arm. Draw the inside of the arm at the same distance as the edge of the circle above the head. Repeat this on the other side to make the right arm. In between the arms, draw two lines that point toward the centre to form the torso. At the elbow, curve the torso lines out again. Draw a horizontal line just above the knee to make the bottom of a skirt. Under the skirt, continue the two lines originating at the shoulders outward. Add two lines in between the outer lines to form the insides of the legs. Draw the feet pointing right, in the same direction as the face.

Draw a horizontal line at the ankle and another horizontal line above that to make an ankle band. Colour it blue. Do the same at the wrists and use a different colour, like red. Repeat just under the shoulders to make arm bands. Colour those yellow. Draw a diagonal line at the waist to make the top of the skirt. Colour this in a solid or striped pattern. At the neck, draw four semi circles, one larger than the next, to make a necklace. Colour the outer two semi circles the same colour, and make the inner semi circle a different colour.


If you want to take a less traditional approach, use non-primary colours to accent the god.

Things You'll Need

  • Coloured pencils or crayons
  • Ruler
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