Free Do-It-Yourself Candy Bar Wrappers

Chocolate bar wrappers are one way to personalise small favours. For a baby shower, print wrappers with the baby's due date and parent's information. Birthday party planners can use a printed wrapper as a sweet party invitation or a memorable favour. Whatever the occasion is, it's a simple process to print your own free chocolate bar wrappers and personalise candy just for your event.

Select candy bars that have a foil wrapper and an outer paper wrapper that is removable. Carefully remove these paper wrappers leaving the foil liner intact. If you make your own candy bars, add a foil wrap to seal the candy. Multiply the width of the bar by 2 and the thickness by 2 and add the results together. Add a 1/2-inch to the sum for an overlap to glue the wrapper. When you transfer these measurements to the paper, the length of the wrapper will be the width of the paper, and the width and thickness measurement will be the length of your finished wrapper.

Measure the paper wrapper from one of the candy bars. Use this dimension as your template size for your personalised wrapper you will create.

Create a wrapper using simple computer software like Microsoft Word, or hand draw and lay out your wrapper. The second option is a great idea for children's events, such as a birthday party. If you are using software, open your program and set the size for your images according to the measurements you took on the wrapper. If you are drawing freehand, measure the dimensions out on a sheet of paper and mark the lines with a ruler. These will be your cutting lines.

Lay out the wrapper. Use photos you have loaded on your computer, names, dates, clip art or images you find online, if you are using a software program. You can cut out images and paste them on the sheet or draw them by hand and add lettering if you are doing your wrapper by hand. Borders with the event information centred on the sheet, maybe a photo or hand drawn picture and some added phrases are enough; don't overfill the wrapper with information or busy pictures.

Test copy or print a wrapper. Trim with the scissors or use a paper cutter for straight even edges. Check for fit. Fold the wrapper around your chocolate bar and see if the content lines up correctly and you like the look of it. Make any adjustments you want to your original template.

Print and cut the number of wrappers you need. Carefully add a piece of two-sided tape or run a glue stick down the underside of the top back edge of the wrapper and stick down in place. Be sure to fold the paper tightly around the bar before gluing so the chocolate bar doesn't slide out of the wrapper.

Things You'll Need

  • Candy bars with removable wrappers
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Glue sticks or double sided tape
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