DIY Automatic Watch Winder

Updated April 17, 2017

Automatic watches wind themselves when you have them on your wrist based on the movement of your wrist. However, when you are not wearing the watch, it can stop if it is idle too long. The next time you want to wear your watch, you will have to wind the watch to the right time. To avoid repeating this process, many people choose to use a watch winder. This device keeps your watch in constant motion and fully wound when it is not worn. Although commercial watch winders can be purchased, they are often expensive. You can make your own watch winder, which can be more cost-effective.

Obtain a screw that fits into the centre of the old record player. Drill a hole at the backside of the plastic box that is the same size as the screw obtained. The hole should be in the centre of the plastic box's backside.

Attach one part of four circular Velcro pads to each corner on the backside of the plastic box.

Use a knife to cut a piece of packing foam that is identical to the size of the plastic box. It should fit snugly into the box.

Make a hole in the centre of the packing foam that matches the size of your watch. Use the knife to cut the foam carefully. Insert the watch into the packing foam with the face of the watch facing towards you to ensure that it fits snugly in the foam.

Insert the screw into the hole at the back of the plastic box. Fit the packing foam into the box

Insert the screw into the centre of the record player. Pull the box away from the record player slightly and use a pencil to mark the spot of each Velcro on the record player. Remove the box from the player and attach the other part of the Velcro pieces to the record player. Re-attach the box to the record player by inserting the screw into the centre of the record player.

Wind the watch by turning the record player on and setting it to the lowest speed.

Leave the watch on the winder for 12 hours. Remove the watch from the foam in the plastic box and reinsert the watch in the foam with the face of the watch facing the record player. Restart the record player at the lowest speed and allow the watch to remain in the winder for an additional 12 hours.


Use a small plastic box such as the box your watch was sold in.

Things You'll Need

  • Screw
  • Small plastic box
  • Drill
  • Drill bit
  • Self-adhesive Velcro pads
  • Packing foam
  • Knife
  • Old record player
  • Pencil
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