How to Identify a Fake Chanel J12 Watch

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The Chanel brand began in 1932 with a collection of jewellery, and is known today as a high-end brand of clothes, perfumes, accessories, and jewellery, including watches. Available in high-end retail and department stores, Chanel is considered a luxury symbol. The Chanel J12 watch is the brand’s primary line of watches for men and women, and comes in ceramic, quartz, and diamond styles. Unfortunately there are many replicas available on the market claiming to be authentic Chanel J12 watches. There are a few methods to use to determine if a watch is an authentic Chanel J12.

Know your price point. Most Chanel J12 watches retail for £2,925 and up. If the price you are being offered seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Look at the links on the watchband. If there are rivets on every link, the watch is probably a fake. Authentic Chanel watches have rivets on the links next to the clasp but not on the rest of the links.

Check to see how the watch is being sold. If the watchband is covered in plastic, the watch is not authentic.

Take the watch to an authorised jeweller or watch repair shop to verify the authenticity of the watch. You can also take the watch to a Chanel store and have them compare the watch for you.

Look at the overall quality of the watch. If the metal appears to scuff easily, if the lettering or engraving on the watch looks sloppy, or if the watch feels very light, it is probably a replica. Authentic watches should have some weight to them when held, and are well made, with attention paid to the details on the watch.

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