How to Find Old School Photos

Updated March 23, 2017

Old school pictures capturing a first senior prom dance or the game winning touchdown might evoke feelings of nostalgia -- a longing for the "good old days." Whether you have misplaced old school photos or simply desire to reminisce about past experiences at your old school, contacting your old schoolmates is just one way to locate old school photographs.

Contact your family members or close friends for old pictures and request to look at photo albums. Many families and close friends take pictures of important school events such as graduations, awards assemblies and other school events.

Find old classmates and ask if they have old school photos or yearbooks. Many students keep their yearbooks and will allow you to make copies of pictures. Some people may even have candid shots taken at school events, formal dances and other school related activities.

Contact your old school and inquire about the availability of school pictures. Most schools maintain an archive of all school yearbooks on campus. Schedule an appointment to make copies of yearbook pictures, if they are available. Some schools will gladly allow you to make copies free of charge while others might charge a fee.

Access a social networking site and browse through a past classmates' picture album. Some people use social networking site features such as "tagging" to identify people in pictures, including former classmates. These photos occasionally have large groups of people from a particular school or event.

Join online communities specifically geared towards high school alumni. Many former classmates become members of websites such as or for networking, organising class reunions or other school events, and maintaining lifelong friendships. Explore your schoolmates' picture albums or look at photographs that may have been posted by your school teachers, principals or coaches.


Consider attending your class reunion and look for copies of old yearbooks. Some reunions have special tables or areas designated for viewing old pictures and other class memorabilia.


Although classmate networking websites usually offer free enrolment or basic profile registration, you may be required to pay additional fees to access more detailed profile information or records.

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