How to Reset the Samsung 315 Printer

Updated July 20, 2017

The Samsung 315 is a colour laser printer designed for office environments. The printer can produce up to 17 pages per minute and prints 1,500 pages per ink cartridge. You can reset the Samsung 315 by using the SyncThru Web service, which controls the printer's settings. The user needs only to adjust a few settings on this page to restore the printer to factory defaults.

Open a Web browser application on your computer.

Enter your printer's IP address into the URL address bar of the computer. You will have created this IP address when you first set up the wireless printer. The IP address will contain a series numbers and letters. For instance, is an acceptable IP address. Contact Samsung support if you cannot locate your printer's IP address.

Click the Network Settings tab in the window that appears. Click the Reset tab in the left panel of the window.

Click the "Clear" button next to Network and Factory Default for Wireless Only. This resets all printer settings to their factory defaults.

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