The Wii Fit Board Won't Connect

The Nintendo Wii exercise game "Wii Fit" uses the Wii Balance Board to ensure that you are doing the activities correctly and to track your body mass index so your weight-loss progress can be measured and recorded. For the Wii Balance Board to work, it must be synced with the Wii console. If you can't get it to connect, your movements won't be tracked in "Wii Fit" or other games that rely on the balance board peripheral.

Power on the Wii, and launch "Wii Fit" or "Wii Fit Plus."

Press the power button on the Wii Balance Board.

Press the "Home" button on the Wii Remote; the battery strength of the Wii Balance Board will be indicated in the "P4" position. If the battery is weak, open the battery cover on the bottom of the board and insert four new AA batteries.

Launch "Wii Fit" or another balance board game. Press "A" when prompted to secure the Wii Remote with a wrist strap.

Turn the Wii Balance Board over, and remove the battery cover. Open the card slot door on the front of the Wii.

Press the "Sync" button under the battery cover on the bottom of the Wii Balance Board. The blue light on the balance board will blink, indicating that it is attempting to sync with the Wii.

Press the "Sync" button on the Wii, located directly above the SD card slot, while the blue light is blinking on the balance board. When the balance board is synchronised with the console, the blue light will stop blinking and glow solid.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 AA batteries
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