How to Install a DeWalt Planer Blade

Updated February 21, 2017

After numerous planing jobs, it may become necessary to change the blade on your planer. The only tool typically needed for this job is a hex wrench, which DeWalt supplies with its planers. Changing a blade generally takes just a few minutes. On planers featuring two blades, DeWalt recommends installing two new blades at the same time. Replacement blades are typically available at retailers that sell DeWalt products.

Unplug the planer from its electrical source. Begin to remove the old blade by unscrewing the three hex-head screws located on the bottom of the planer with the hex wrench.

Detach the metal drum cover, which will reveal the blade guide bar. Remove this piece to reveal the old blade. Remove and discard the old blade.

Place the new blade in position with the grooved side of the blade facing up -- away from the planer. Insert the blade guide bar over the new blade. Make sure the notch on the blade guide bar fits snugly into the groove on the blade. This will ensure the blade stays in place.

Put the drum cover over the blade and blade guide bar. Loosely tighten the three hex screws into the drum, leaving some room between the cover and the blade guide bar. Check the position of the blade to make sure it is correctly in place before fully tightening the hex nuts.


Planer blades are sharp. Wear sturdy work gloves when changing these blades.

Things You'll Need

  • 5-mm hex wrench
  • Sturdy work gloves
  • Replacement planer blade
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