Instructions for removing a Peugeot 307 dashboard

Bruno Vincent/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Launched in the UK in early 2001, the Peugeot 307 was available with three different petrol engine models and two diesel engine options. The body styles on offer were a three or five door hatchback and a five door estate. March of the following year saw the arrival of the Sport Wagon model.

Deactivate the vehicle alarm system. Switch off the ignition and wait at least two minutes. Open the bonnet. Disconnect the battery.

Release the two retaining clips at the sides of the audio unit. Slide the unit forward. Disconnect the wiring and leads and remove the unit.

Pull open the ashtray. Depress the retaining clip. Remove the ashtray.

Locate the two screws above the ashtray aperture and unscrew them. Locate the rubber trim on the storage tray and remove it. Unclip the gear lever gaiter from the panel.

Prise out the upper section of the lower centre panel with a screwdriver to remove it. Locate the two outer switches (or switch blanks if no switches are fitted) on the upper edge of the panel above the centre air vents. Prise them out in the same manner.

Unscrew the two screws on the aperture. Unscrew the two screws at the bottom edge of the panel. Remove the panel whilst disconnecting all the wiring plugs.