How do I Replace a Battery for an Oakley Bullet Watch?

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Oakley's Bullet watch combines performance and design. The watch band has an ergonomic shape that attracts attention while providing comfort to the wearer's wrist. The Bullet has an injected-moulded titanium casing and a sapphire face. This makes Oakley's Bullet very lightweight and scratch-proof. The Bullet is water resistant up to 100 meters, which means it has a water tight case. This is achieved by a gasket seal that is disrupted when changing the battery. Oakley recommends sending your watch back to them or an authorised technician for battery replacement. If you change the batteries, your watch will lose its tested water-resistance properties.

Place your watch face down on a rubber mat or clean cloth. Notice the small notches in the watch case back. Lay the watch wrench over the case back and screw the tool tight until the wrench's pins are aligned with the notches.

Unscrew the case back. Keep one hand firmly on the watch body while turning the

wrench tool counter-clockwise with your other hand. Remove the case back slowly so no spring-loaded components of the watch mechanism are released. Lay the case back on the clean cloth.

Remove the battery. The battery is held in place by a contact clip. Use the plastic or non-metallic tweezers to gently lift the clip and release the battery. If the clip is screwed in place, use the optical screwdriver to loosen the clip. Slide the battery from under the clip and lay it aside on the clean cloth. Note the direction of the writing on the battery's back.

Replace the battery. Insert the battery under the contact clip in the same direction as the old battery. Screw the clip into place if necessary. If the watch has a sticker inside with directions for AC reset, follow the arrow on the sticker to find the AC contact point. Place one arm of the metal tweezers on the AC contact point and the other arm of the metal tweezers on the backside of the battery. Hold the tweezers in this position for two seconds to reset the battery.

Install the watch gasket. Remove the rubber o-ring from its track if it did not come loose while opening the case back. Inspect the condition of the gasket. It should have no cracks or splits along its surface. Replace the o-ring with a new watch gasket of the same size if the old one is unfit for reinstallation. Rub a thin layer of silicone grease over the surface of the gasket and place it back in its track.

Close and tighten the watch. Place the case back over the open watch case. Fit the case wrench into the notches in the case back and turn the wrench clockwise to tighten.

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