How to Assemble a Staple Gun

heavy duty stapler image by Christopher Dodge from

Staple guns are available in many different models, depending on what you need to fasten. A light-duty staple gun is used mainly for connecting thin items. A heavy-duty staple gun will fasten thick materials like tar paper for roofing, housing underbellies and thick plastic sheeting. A heavy-duty staple gun has much longer staples to fasten items deep into wood and other materials. Assembling a staple gun is a fairly simple and straightforward task.

Grasp the clip for the magazine unit between your thumb and forefinger with one hand while holding the staple gun with the other hand. The clip is at the back of the staple gun on the bottom. Pull the clip straight back and out from the staple gun to a stop position where it will remain in place.

Expose the staple channel by turning the staple gun over so the bottom faces up.

Insert a full strip of staples into the staple channel with the staple tips pointing down into the staple gun. The tips sit on each side of a metal rod that supports the staples.

Grasp the clip for the magazine unit between your thumb and forefinger. Push the clip into the staple gun. The clip will load the staples and lock the magazine in place.

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