How to Change the Battery in a Rotary Revolution Watch

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The Rotary Revelation watch collection is made by Christine Jewellers and features leather straps and two reversible watch faces that allow the user to monitor two different time zones simultaneously. Rotary Revelation watches are available online and at major department stores and authorised retailers. Replacing the battery in a Rotary Revelation watch requires the use of a case back wrench, which is available at many watch repair stores, or a small standard screwdriver.

Place the watch on a soft surface, such as a towel or computer mouse pad, and turn the watch over.

Examine the back of the watch, referred to as the case back. If the case back is smooth, this is a snap back case. If there are small slots on the case back, this is a screw back case.

Take a case back wrench—which is a small tool with several metal tips that are placed in the metal slots on a screw back and turned—and open the screw back watch. Alternatively, use a small standard screwdriver to turn the slots and open the watch.

Insert the flat edge of the screwdriver in the notch on the side of a snap back case and gently wiggle it to open the case back.

Remove the battery once the case back is open and replace it with a new watch battery. Watch batteries are generally available at most grocery stores, hardware stores, chemists and watch repair stores.

Set the case back on the watch and line up the indentation on the snap back case. Push with your thumbs to pop the case back into place.

Set the case back on the watch and use the case back wrench or the screwdriver to turn the slots on the screw back case to close the watch back.

Set the watch.

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