How to Size an Omega Seamaster Bracelet

Updated April 13, 2017

The Seamaster collection is a series of watches created by Omega in 1947 that sport either mechanical or quartz movements. Resizing the Seamaster bracelet is done by removing or adding links from the middle.

Put on the Seamaster and close the latch. Pinch the bracelet to determine how many links you need to remove. If you cannot close the latch, you will need to measure how many links you need to add to the bracelet. Take off the watch.

Locate the links that have arrows on them.

Take the needle and push on the pins on the side of each link in the direction of the arrow.

Remove the pin from the other side of the bracelet and put it in a secure location.

Remove the locking pin from the centre link.

Remove another pin to remove a link or add a link in the opening.

Insert the locking pin in the centre link. Align the two links you need to secure together.

Insert the pin from the side without the arrow, making sure the pin is pushed back with the crimp on the end of the pin you are putting on last.


Be careful not to scratch your links when using the needle.


The bracelets of other watches created by Omega are more difficult to change, as they have more links.

Things You'll Need

  • Medium size needle
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