How to Make Fake Cuts & Scars Out of Household Products

Updated July 20, 2017

When you want to make a really scary costume for Halloween or a costume party, you can add those special little details that can help make you look absolutely ghoulish. Use items that you can find at home or in a local grocery store and really add authenticity to your look. Make your zombie look really dead or your headless waiter even more appalling by using these little tricks that will make your costume one for the memory books.

Wash the skin that will be covered by the fake scars, cuts and burns and put on the rest of the costume before doing anything else.

Unscrew the rubber cement jar and hold the lid with the brush over the jar allowing the excess rubber cement to run back into the jar. Run the edges of the brush over the inside top of the jar so that the rubber cement does not drip everywhere.

Use the brush to paint the area you want to be covered by cuts with the rubber cement. Let the area dry for five minutes. The rubber cement should feel tacky but not soaking wet, so just apply a thin layer. Do this in small thin strips for cuts and wider larger circles to make burns.

Use the toothpicks and carefully lift little bits of the rubber cement, concentrating on the centre and working outward, careful you do not pull too much of the rubber cement off. Go back and see if the area is big enough. You can always remove more rubber cement if you want a larger area.

Hold the red marker at an angle and colour the places from which you have removed the rubber cement. Let the ink dry and add another thin layer of rubber cement in order to dull the redness of the ink.

Use the brush with the rubber cement and make a layer to correspond to where you want the scar. Allow it to dry. Mix some of the rubber cement in a small medicine cup with any liquid make-up that comes near to your skin shade. Stir it together well and then lather it in a thin strip over the first layer of rubber cement.

Feather the edges by using the thin paintbrush. Go around the entire area and blend the tinted rubber cement into your skin. Use the toothpicks to draw a line the thickness you wish the scar to be down the centre of the coloured rubber cement. For a bloodier look, add a little red lip liner or the red marker in the centre of the scar.


If using a product for the first time, test it on a small area of skin to make sure you will not have a bad reaction.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber cement with a brush
  • Red washable marker
  • Toothpicks
  • Plastic medicine cups or small disposable cups
  • Small spatula or tongue depressor
  • Liquid make-up base (foundation)
  • Small paintbrush
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