How to Change Your Minecraft Skin

Updated June 13, 2017

In "Minecraft," users strategically place blocks in order to create towers, castles or other structures. You can opt to protect your creations through the use of shelters, because monsters will disturb or destroy your work during the night. If you grow tired of your character's default skin while you play, you can build a custom skin and import it into your game. However, you must purchase "Minecraft" in order to alter your character's skin.

Download the "Minecraft Skin Edit" tool (see References). Open the program to see your character template and character preview. There are shapes filled with words such as "Left," "Back" and "Face" in the template. Select a colour from your palette, and click on one of the shapes to fill it in.

Look at the character preview as you colour each square in the character template. This will help you identify how certain shapes in the character template correspond to the various skin parts in the character preview. Click on the character preview, and use your mouse to spin the character around. Click "File" and "Save" when you are satisfied with your work.

Visit the "Minecraft" website, and navigate to the "Preferences" area after login. You will be able to see an image of your current skin in this area. Click on the "Upload Image" button, and open your new skin. You will see your new skin in the Current Skin area. When you play the game again, this will be your character's new skin.


You do not have to create your own skin. "Minecraft" also has a skins forum where players post the skins that they have created. You can also post there and request custom skins from other players. If you download a skin that another player has created, you can upload it the same way as you would if you create your own skin. All skin files must be saved as a .png file in order to upload. You also cannot alter the dimensions of the default skin. Click the "This Link" text on the Preferences page in order to share your custom skin with others.

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