Instructions for Using a Blackberry Phone

Updated February 21, 2017 calls the Blackberry smartphone "iconic" and states that it has a "slavish devotion perhaps matched only by Apple products." Research In Motion, better known as RIM, manufactures the Blackberry Pearl, Storm, Curve, Tour and Flip to name a few. Among its biggest single customers is the U.S. government, with more than a half-million units in operation as of 2009. The Blackberry smartphone has evolved into a intuitive and easy-to-use device, with automatic set-up options and built-in walk-throughs making using the Blackberry a breeze.

Charge your Blackberry device fully before powering it on or attempting to operate it. Follow RIM's charging specifications for your device to ensure a full charge. Most Blackberry devices can be charged using a USB data cord connected to a computer or an A/C charger.

Power on your Blackberry device by pressing the red "Power" key for several seconds, which has a picture of a red phone handset and also a red circular power icon. Powering on a Blackberry for the first time can take several minutes.

Follow the steps provided in the Setup Wizard. The Setup Wizard will automatically come on when a Blackberry device is turned on for the first time. This wizard will walk you through several things such as entering your name and setting up your e-mail accounts, e-mail passwords, instant messenger accounts, time zone and clock settings and many more options.

Make a call with your Blackberry device. Enter the phone number you wish to dial using the number pad, then press the green "Call" key, which has a picture of a green phone handset.

End the call by pressing the red "End" key, which has a picture of a red phone handset. The "End" key is also the power on/off key.

Press the "Blackberry" key, which has the Blackberry icon printed on it. This key basically serves as a menu key. Once this key is pressed, the available applications and programs available on the phone will appear as icons on the screen.

Scroll to the icon that looks like an envelope. Flyout lettering will appear as you scroll over the envelope icon that will say "Messages." Click this icon to open the messages menu.

Press the "Blackberry" key again. This will open your messaging options. Several options will be available, such as "Compose Email," "Compose SMS Text" (text message), "Compose MMS" (picture message) and "Instant Message."

Choose the option that applies to the type of message you would like to send. The email or instant messaging information you entered using the Setup Wizard will be used to send these types of messages. The email option will open a blank e-mail similar to computer-based e-mail. Simply enter the recipient's e-mail address in the "To" field, enter an e-mail subject then type the body of the email in the blank space provided. Text messages and picture messages are similar in that you will enter the recipient's cell phone number in the "To" field, then simply type the body of the message in the space provided and choose any picture attachment you wish to send with the picture messaging.

Push the "Blackberry" key again once your message is complete then scroll to and press "Send." This will send your finalised message to the recipient. If the recipient responds or someone sends you a message of any kind, the message can be found by going again to the "Messages" icon as outlined above, then clicking on the new message to open it.


Many cellular providers will set up your Blackberry device for you for free. Ask about this service if you wish to have a professional set up your device.

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