How to Reset My Avaya Phone

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Avaya telephones range from desktop models and handsets to conferencing phones. When you experience technical problems with your phone, perform basic troubleshooting steps, such as unplugging the phone and turning it off. These basic steps in many cases resolve your technical issue.

But if the power cycle does not work, reset your phone back to factory default in an attempt to fix the problem.

Press the “Mute” button. If you have a handset telephone, lift the handset before pressing the mute button.

Press “73738#” on the telephone keypad.

Press “#” at the prompt.

Press “#” again to confirm your intentions to reset your Avaya phone.

Wait for the prompt asking you to restart your phone. Press “#” to restart.

Wait as your Avaya phone restarts. This takes a few minutes.