How to troubleshoot a Parrot Bluetooth CK3100

Courtesy of Parrot

The Parrot CK3100 is a Bluetooth device that you connect wirelessly to your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone so that you can make hands-free calls in your car. The unit is fitted to your dashboard and has a display which gives information such as phone contacts, caller identity and signal strength.

The CK3100 comes with a microphone and uses your car radio as a speaker. If you're having trouble with the installation or use of your CK3100 there are some simple troubleshooting measures you can take.

Bluetooth pairing problems

Check your phone's manual to ensure that it is Bluetooth compatible. Only Bluetooth enabled devices will work with the CK3100.

Switch on your phone and the CK3100. You need to pair the two devices from your phone. Consult your phone's manual for instructions on how to pair with other Bluetooth devices. If pairing is not working, you may have reached the limit of the number of paired devices that your phone can operate with.

Check your phone manual for the precise limit. If you have reached the limit, delete one of the devices from the list of Bluetooth connections on your phone.

Check that your Parrot CK3100 has not reached its limit for number of paired Bluetooth devices, which is five. If it has, delete one by going to "Settings" then "Paired devices." Choose a device to remove from the list then select "Delete."

Go through the Bluetooth pairing procedure on your phone again. It should now work.

Poor voice quality

Check the position of your CK3100's microphone if people you call can't hear you properly. If it is not pointing towards your face, adjust it so that it is.

Ensure that there are no obstacles between your face and the microphone. Remove any obstructions.

Check the signal indicator on the CK3100's screen. If it shows that the signal is weak, try to make your call again later.