How to make a sheikh costume

Whether you are dressing up for Halloween, a costume party or you landed a role in a play, there is no need to spend a fortune making a sheikh costume. In fact, it is likely that you already have everything you need to make a sheikh costume sitting around your house. All you need to know is what items you will need and how to put them together to make your sheikh costume look authentic.

Find a long robe or ankle length knit gown made of cotton or linen. It should be solid in colour or have a simple one or two colour pattern.

Tie a sash or belt loosely at the waist of the robe. You may also use a braided cord.

Put a linen cloth or fabric piece over your head with the long sides toward the back and sides of your face. Use an elastic headband over top of the linen cloth to hold it in place.

Wear a pair of Roman/gladiator style sandals. Put a plastic sword in your waistband.

Things You'll Need

  • Robe
  • Sandals
  • Linen cloth
  • Headband
  • Belt or sash
  • Plastic sword
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