How to Tie Tibetan Mala Knots

Updated November 22, 2016

Tibetan mala beads strung onto a bracelet help the wearer with meditation rituals. The bracelets contain 108 of the beads, which are turned one by one by the wearer during meditation. To use the mala, the wearer holds the loop in the right hand and rotates the beads with the thumb or middle finger. A Chinese endless knot secures the ends of the bracelet's string together.

Lay the mala bracelet out so that the untied ends face your body.

Press the string into three circular shapes with the excess string hanging down at the bottom. Refer to the link in Resources (below) to see a diagram. The top loop should point in toward the beads and the other two loops come parallel off the bottom sides of that loop.

Tuck the loose ends over the bottom right loop. Fold the top loop down to cover part of the right and left loops.

Fold the left loop toward the right, crossing over the folded-down top loop. Tuck the left loop under the loose ends you folded up earlier. Pull on the loose ends, then the loops. There should still be three loops (pointing down, left and right) and the loose ends.

Fold the loose ends over the right loop. Fold the right loop back over the loose ends, and over the loop now at the bottom. Fold that bottom loop up over the right and left loops. Cross the left loop to the right loop, tucking the loop under the loose ends. Firmly pull on the loops and ends to make the knot.

Things You'll Need

  • Adjustable mala bracelet
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