How to Set a Buffet Table With Plastic Cutlery

Leaving out a box of plastic cutlery out for your guests to rummage through can ruin an otherwise attractive buffet table. The secret to a pulling off a smooth, well-coordinated party or event lies in the details. Don't ignore the presentation of your cutlery -- even if it's "only" plastic. Make your guests' dining experience more convenient and enjoyable by arranging forks, knives and spoons bundled in napkins. No one will have to hunt for a missing utensil, and your buffet table will look that much better.

Gather enough napkins for your guests, your cutlery and a large rectangular tray or basket. Use two trays or baskets if you prefer to place one on each end of the buffet table.

Fold each napkin in half. Fold in half again to form a square shape. Fold down the top edge of the napkin about one-third of the way down. Turn the napkin over. Fold each side in so that it meets the other side.

Turn each napkin over and tuck in your plastic fork, knife and spoon. Lay each bundled napkin onto the tray side by side. Layer the bundles on top of each other, depending on the number of guests you have.

Set the tray or basket at the end of the table close to your plates and bowls, so that guests can easily find them. Place another basket on the opposite end of the buffet table if you have a large number of guests.


Alternatively, wrap used beer or soda cardboard holders -- the type that have cut-out handles -- in a quality gift wrap or craft paper that coordinates with the event's theme or colour scheme. Group knives, forks and spoons separately and place into the holder's partitions.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper napkins
  • Large rectangular tray or basket
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