How to Add Bluetooth to an X5

Updated February 21, 2017

The BMW X5 features Bluetooth-integrated technology, which allows you to pair your cell phone to your vehicle for hands-free use while driving. Since almost all newer phones are Bluetooth compatible, you shouldn't have any problem syncing your phone to your X5 to make talking and driving as safe as possible. Once your phone is paired with your X5, you can use voice activation to control many of the applications on your cell phone.

Enter your BMW and initiate the Bluetooth search mode by pushing the button on your dash or your steering wheel marked with a photo of a phone. Scroll through your options until you find one that asks whether you'd like to pair your X5 with your cell phone and click "OK."

Locate the Bluetooth application on your cell phone and turn it to discovery mode. Doing this allows your phone to search for your vehicle's Bluetooth device. When it is located, your phone will display the name of your vehicle and ask if you'd like to continue pairing the two devices.

Enter the password into your phone that appears on your X5's dashboard screen. Wait for your phone to verify the identity of the vehicle and begin downloading your contact list and other cell phone information into the X5's Bluetooth.

Test your Bluetooth by making a phone call using the steering wheel controls and voice activation.

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