How to Update Maps on a Navman iCN 550

Map or Atlas with keys image by steven Husk from

Featuring a 3.5-inch screen, a 4 gigabyte internal hard drive, voice guided navigating cues, an FM radio receiver and the ability to save up to 12 waystops, the Navman iCN 550 GPS is a consumer grade, portable device developed for use in automobiles.

The device also allows you to purchase and install upgraded maps from Navman. Using the Smart ST Desktop utility, updating maps on your Navman iCN 550 is fast and easy.

Plug your Navman iCN into your computer using the USB cable included with the unit and launch SmartST Desktop from your program files.

Insert the disc containing the Navman map update in your computer. The disc will automatically initiate a display of the maps available with the update.

Click the map you would like to update on your Navman from the list. Submit your updated contact info in the pop-up dialogue box.

Click the green highlighted region on the map and click the "Add to" button.

Disconnect your Navman iCN 550 from the computer. The maps have now been updated.