How to Program a Mitsubishi Car Key

Car key image by Corneliu C from

Electronic keys are a common technology with cars, and you can sync these keys to your Mitsubishi in seconds. Programming your electronic key requires no professional experience or equipment, and will allow you to safely start your ignition. You can program the key from your driver's seat, and once synced, you can program up to four different keys.

Connect your OBD-II connector to your car through the OBD port on the dashboard and wait for the system to start and stop beeping.

Press the button on the connector the number of times that correspond with your vehicle (see References), and wait for the beeps to start and stop again.

Turn your key in the ignition to the "On" position, wait for the OBD light to stop blinking and wait for a green light to turn on.

Remove the key and connector and insert your key into the ignition again.

Turn the ignition to the "On" position, wait for five seconds in that position. Use the key to start the car to complete the programming procedure.

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