How to Adjust a Skagen Mesh Band

Updated November 21, 2016

Skagen is a Denmark-based manufacturer of jewellery, sunglasses, clocks and watches for men and women. Their watches are known for their sleek look and unique design. They are available in several different styles and band types. As with all watch bands, whether they are leather, metal or mesh, they may need to be adjusted. Skagen mesh bands need to be adjusted by moving the clasp into a different place along the band, using a special tool.

Lay your watch face up and familiarise yourself with the clasp. Skagen clasps are a bit different than most watch band clasps. On one side is a small, metal pin and a security clasp, and on the other is a piece of metal that hooks over the pin. When it is hooked and snapped into place, the security clasp is brought down and closed. The side with the pin is the side of the clasp you need to move.

Locate the slotted bar on the clasp. This is the bar that holds the clasp in position on the watch band. Slip the screwdriver or tool into the slot and lift the bar in the opposite direction of the clasp pin.

Slide the clasp into the desired position on the band. To make the band smaller, slide it closer to the watch face. Slide it farther away to lengthen the band.

Press the bar back down to lock the band in that position. You will not need a tool for this.


To make sure the clasp stays in its new position, be sure it rests in one of the indentations that are found in the underside of the band.


Never use the clasp pin as leverage when prying open the bar. It may bend.

Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver or
  • Watch adjustment tool
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