How to Install a Rega RB301

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you're a DJ, vinyl aficionado or just trying to get an old turntable spinning again, you should know that replacing an old tonearm takes some foresight and careful installation. Make sure your Rega RB301 tonearm is the proper fit for your turntable, and the installation isn't that difficult at all--as long as you carefully handle your tonearm, which is quite fragile. In about 10 minutes, though, you'll have a world-renowned tonearm "earthed" into your turntable and properly aligned.

Remove the old tonearm from its mounting hole, usually accomplished by carefully unsnapping it upward from its mounting cartridge. Pull out the mounting cartridge next, if you're installing a new one.

Find the proper position for the centre arm mounting cartridge and arm by placing the template that's supplied with your RB301 tonearm over the centre record spindle and then over and onto the top of the tonearm mounting hole. Align the edges of the template so it is parallel with the side and rear of your turntable.

Place your mounting cartridge (if needed) into the hole where the template indicates. Rega arms are manufactured to fit most other brands of mounting cartridges.

Align your template perfectly and push a needle, perfectly perpendicular, through the "arm hole centre" hole on the template. Mark that position below on the cartridge with a pencil or pen.

With the template still in place, push your RB301 carefully through the centre mounting hole, making sure that, once in place, it will not interfere with the closing of your turntable's lid. Snap the tonearm into your mounting cartridge and adjust the cartridge's alignment using the fine-tuning instructions available in the Resources section.


Proper cartridge alignment is necessary for optimum performance and sound quality. Check with your cartridge's manufacturer, as well as the turntable's manufacturer, whenever you're swapping out tonearms to make sure you're following the proper procedure.

Things You'll Need

  • Needle
  • Pencil or pen
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