Removing the CD-ROM Drive From an HP 6910P Laptop

laptop image by Jorge Figueiredo from

The optical drive on the HP Compaq 6910P laptop is located in a standardised bay called MultiBay II (or MB2). MultiBay II containment means that removing the optical drive can be done easily and quickly. It also means that a variety of different kinds of hardware can occupy that location, such as an extra hard drive, memory card reader or even a floppy drive. MultiBay II components can be swapped out by anyone and in nearly any location.

Turn off the laptop and disconnect the power adaptor.

Locate the optical drive on the right side of the laptop. Flip the laptop over so that the bottom is facing up.

Find the screw on the base of the laptop right next to the optical drive. Remove that screw and set it aside.

Press in on the right side of the optical drive, which should partially eject it. Pull the optical drive out of the laptop.

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