How to replace XBox 360 DVD drives without the original DVD key

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Xbox 360 consoles are manufactured by Microsoft Corp. and are equipped with internal DVD drives that play game and movie discs. These DVD drives are assigned unique .BIN firmware keys that are required to customise the console. You may want to replace the DVD drive if it fails or becomes defective.

You can use your computer and freeware software from the Internet to load .BIN firmware on your new Xbox 360 DVD drive without the key from the original drive.

Unplug all power cables and accessories from the Xbox 360, then remove the front faceplate from the system. Unclasp the plastic tabs on the console's outer case and unscrew the Torx screws on the interior metal case. Slide open the metal case and unplug the SATA cable from the Xbox 360 motherboard to the DVD drive, then connect your SATA cable from the computer to the Xbox 360 motherboard.

Turn on your computer and open a Web browser. Download an Xbox 360 modification program and run it. Select your Xbox 360 console from the main menu's drop-down bar, then click "Swap DVD Drive Key." Select the brand of DVD drive you are replacing (Hitachi, Samsung, Lite-On, etc.) then click "OK." The program will automatically read the .BIN DVD key and reset once a new DVD drive is connected. Wait for the .BIN key modification process to finish, then close the program and shut down the computer.

Disconnect the SATA cable from the computer to the Xbox 360 motherboard, then replace the DVD drive inside the console with your new DVD drive. Reconnect the SATA cable from the Xbox 360 motherboard to the new DVD drive, then close the metal cover on the system. Rescrew the Torx screws on the interior case and return the plastic outer case to its original position. Replace the front faceplate and reconnect any power cables and accessories before powering on the system again.