How to Change a JVC LA-10 Turntable Belt

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The JVC LA-10 turntable is a belt-driven phonograph. This model is characterised by a straight tonearm and an auto-return function. Also, the platter on the JVC LA-10 does not come off as most turntable platters do. It is attached to the spindle with a Philips head screw. Routine belt maintenance ensures optimal turntable performance, but sometimes belts wear out or lose their elasticity.

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Ensure you have the correct replacement belt ready. Check the model number. Replacement belts are available in different sizes.

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Remove dust cover from turntable. Unscrew hings and lift.

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Secure tonearm to prevent stylus damage.

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Remove slipmat from platter. Images

Turn the turntable on its side and remove screws that hold the top to its base. Remove platter by unscrewing the bottom plate from the turntable. The spindle bearing is held in place with a Philips head screw. Loosen it and the platter will separate easily from the spindle.

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Loop replacement band around the pulley cylinder in the motor. Replace platter and bottom plate. Tighten spindle screw. Test the new belt by turning the platter clockwise two or three rotations. Belt should fit snugly and turn with little resistance.

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