How to Replace a Clutch in a Ford Ranger

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Replacing the clutch in your Ford Ranger is fairly simple and takes about two hours. Your Ranger’s clutch should be replaced every 90,000 to 100,000 miles, sooner if it the clutch plate shows wear or fails. A new clutch for a Ranger typically costs £65 to £130, depending on the brand.

Remove the exterior parts, including the floor shifter inside the cab of your Ranger.

Disconnect the exhaust pipe.

Remove the interior parts--the parts under the hood. This includes the starter, which is attached to the transmission bell-housing.

Disconnect the driveshaft and the hose for the hydraulic slave cylinder.

Use a jack to raise one side of your truck.

Using a metric socket set, undo the transmission cross-member and bolts, which will allow you to remove the transmission from your Ranger.

Remove the pressure plate and the worn clutch disk.

Inspect the clutch flywheel. If the flywheel shows significant amounts of wear or is damaged in any way, you should replace it.

Install your new clutch disk and pressure plate using a clutch-alignment tool.

Put the transmission back into your Ranger, and reconnect the cross-member and all related bolts.

Reconnect all interior parts under the hood, including the starter, driveshaft and the hose for the hydraulic slave cylinder. Make sure you bleed the slave cylinder when you reconnect the hose.

Reconnect the exhaust pipe and reinstall the shifter inside the cab.

Drive your Ranger slowly in a controlled environment, such as a car park, to make sure the new clutch is installed properly and is in good working condition.

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