How to Disassemble a Canon i70

Written by mark spowart | 13/05/2017
How to Disassemble a Canon i70
Disassembling the Canon i70 printer should only be done after confirming there is no warranty left on the printer. (computer connections image by Michael Shake from

The Canon i70 is a compact bubble jet printer that can print pages at a rate of 13 pages per minute for black and white text, and up to nine pages per minute for colour. The printer is very compact and can be easily transported from your office to your home and back again. The printer will product prints up 8.5-by-11 inches and can also print borderless black and white photos and colour photos.

Contact Canon to see if there is any warranty left on the product before you start to take it apart. You should also inquire to see if there have been any recalls on the product that may address the problem you might be experiencing with the Canon i70 printer.

Turn the printer off and remove the power cable from the printer. Disconnect any other cables connecting the printer to your computer.

Remove the top lid cover by gently prying the guide posts out of their holders and set the lid aside.

Open the printer head compartment and remove the ink cartridges.

Turn the printer around so you are looking at the rear of printer and remove all the visible screws from the back of the printer.

Use a small screwdriver to open the printer casing.

Disconnect the ribbon cable from the bubble jet print head that is connected to the circuit board assembly.

Remove the screws from the paper feed carrier, remove the carrier and set aside.

Remove the bubble jet print head screws and remove the bubble jet from the printer.

Remove the screws holding the circuit board assembly in place and take it out of the casing.

Things you need

  • Small or precision set of screwdrivers

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