How to decorate an english country cottage

Updated November 21, 2016

English country cottage decorating is about the freshness of the English countryside and the comfort of a cottage hideaway. The English country cottage can be as country or modern as you like, giving you the freedom to create a look that's all your own. Inspired by comfort and nature, turn your home into a cosy retreat in no time.

Decorate with colours that reflect the English countryside. Select colours that are soft and muted rather than bold and dramatic shades. Yellow, green, blue, white and cream are pleasing colours that capture the relaxing atmosphere of the country.

Select practical and comfortable furniture for your country cottage. Go with wood tones that complement the colours in your decor A light oak, for example, provides a nice contrast with darker hues. Another alternative is painting furniture colours you like. A small green table or desk brings out the green in window treatments or fabric upholstery. Armoires and media centres should blend with other large pieces in your room, but feel free to mix in eclectic smaller furniture pieces as well.

Choose fabrics that enhance the soft, calming mood of the country cottage. This style is cosy and romantic, where lace and floral patterns fit right in. Avoid shiny, reflective fabrics. If you go with window treatments that have floral patterns, keep your walls and larger upholstered pieces solid colours.

Select pillows, cushions, pillows, lampshades and throws to match the patterns in your window treatments. Another option is going with checked or striped fabric; coordinate the colours in striped fabric with floral patterns for a cohesive look.

Select handmade items for your country cottage. Choose linen tablecloths and table runners for a pleasing look. Quilts enhance the cottage feel and work well as throws on sofas. Use quilt pieces to make pillows or a wall hanging to bring harmony to a room.


Add ironwork or furniture with iron adornments to give your look a more traditional feel. Use crystal to achieve a more sophisticated look. Avoid ornate pieces of furniture when decorating for a country cottage. Instead, go with pieces that are more streamlined.

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